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But, as parents with two young kids, it was not financially feasible for both of us to study at the same time.

As a focused and loving man I opted that my wife be the first one to attend university and study pharmacy while I worked multiple menial jobs to support the family.

Likewise, the girl gave him a handkerchief, a bracelet or a necklace to show her love.

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But when caught, she said “no, no, no” for a very long time. Just when the guy was beginning to give up hope, she smiled and said, “yes, I love you”.We had each been looking for a Catholic that shared our values and this is a great resource for bringing single Catholics together.We married a little over a year later and have happily welcomed our first child into the world.We both planned the engagement, I selected the ring and brought it with me, and she selected a romantic dinner for the evening and what is now our place in Quito where I proposed.We are committed to each other and connected in so many ways.

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