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Before updating Retail POS, you should first confirm that your i OS device is up to date.

You may also choose to enable Automatic Downloads for your device (requires i OS 9 or later) in order to automatically receive all future updates.

With Automatic Downloads for updates enabled, all new versions of apps that you currently have on your device will automatically download as they become available.

This eliminates the need for manually updating the app in the future.

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If your plugin already has its own update mechanism built into it, we encourage that you move to using the new system.Either way, there’s a good chance that these labels — the detailed instructions for use that accompany every drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration — are out of date and lacking essential new information for appropriate use and safety.Accurate drug labeling is fundamental to safe and effective prescribing and use. Yet many labels have been steadily falling out of date, to the point where this has become a serious public health problem. As part of its reauthorization of the Prescription Drug User Fee Act this summer, Congress should broaden the authority of the FDA to actively encourage drug manufacturers to develop a mechanism to more readily incorporate high-quality information into drug labels over time.o you ever look at the labels of the prescription medications you take?Or do you simply rely on your physician to read them to understand the medications’ appropriate uses and side effects?

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