Bradcast my cam

Windows XP unfortunately lacks Direct X 10 features and the audio subsystem present in Vista and up that OBS makes use of, and as such, will never be supported.OBS is currently being rewritten as multi-platform under the name OBS Studio.Just don't put in a SIM-card and for all purposes it's just a luxury video camera.

A "game" scene that shows the game you want to stream and your webcam and an "end" scene that will show a "thanks for watching" message or whatever you want.

Video streaming is live from my house webcam located in Athens, Greece I was forced to use an external website service in order to send the rtsp video from my camera through my home internet connection (adsl) to their server.

Their server converts the rtsp stream to a flash form of streaming and they broadcast it to up to 100 simultaneous visitors. My question is if I can somehow send the rtsp stream from my camera to youtube servers so they broadcast the picture live without me having to pay a monthly subscription.

At least you didn't write it had to work with your existing cams.

Hello, thanks again for your time but my camera provides an rtsp stream and thats all - I do not want to use a 24/7 pc or mobile phone to convert this rtsp stream to flash for youtube - I need an option like the service that i use now like ipcamlive but for free! Many cell phones are quite good camera's, they can communicate over Wi Fi and they can run the apps you need.

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